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Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost to use pro-Bids?
It is free to join, list and bid on pro-Bids. Optional "featured member" ads are available locally, statewide or nationally for a fee.
Does pro-Bids™ charge a fee to winning bidders?
No. pro-Bids does not charge a fee, commission, percentage, or "channel" listings to selected Service Providers. All bids are publicly displayed, and the listing member chooses who they want to use, and who they want to contact.
I can‘t find a sub-category that matches my service or listing requirement.
It‘s not unusual to find that there is not an exact category match for the service or listing you need. There are thousands of service sub-categories we may not be using. Simply use the main category for your service or listing, and your listing will appear in searches. If you feel that the missing sub-category is significant, and would be of value to other member’s needs, please contact us to suggest a category.
What is a "Service Provider" ?
A Service Provider or Service Professional is any individual or business, offering work or a professional service. Products are not allowed on pro-Bids. You can locate Service Providers by clicking the "Search Service Providers" (under the orange or red tabs) on the navigation menu, or list your bid request and have Service Providers bid on the work or service you need.
What is a "Bid" ?
A bid is an offer, and only an offer, by a service provider to do the work or services requested in a Request for Bid listing ("RFB"). Bids are not binding until you and the listing member finalize your terms and conditions, usually with a contract. The lowest bidder will not necessarily win. Value, experience, reputation, availability and compatibility may influence the selection of one bidder over another. You may accept or decline any bid you choose. The choice is exclusively yours. You may include conditions such as specific times or details for performing the work or service in the comments box.
Do I have to register as a business to bid on listings?
No. Any registered pro-Bids member can bid on any listing. Members registered as a business (Service Provider) are displayed in our service provider directory, and have the option of displaying a personal business page with additional information about their business, banner advertisements, business links, logos and images. Service Providers also receive notifications of new listings in their local community and service specialty.
How do I add a business "icon", graphic or banner advertisement for my business?
pro-Bids has a number of features for Service Providers to promote your business. Login to pro-Bids, and use the "My Account" link or the "My Web Profile" link (under the red "I Provide A Service" tab) to add text content, graphics and icons for your business page display. You can use any graphic editor to create simple graphics for your home page, or a digital camera (.jpg) photo for a unique business graphic. Images are accepted in the .jpg format only. Use the "update" button to save your changes when you are done. A complete business profile is important. pro-Bids users learn about you and you business from the information you put in your profile. Business profile pages are also displayed by popular search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing.
Does pro-Bids™ sell or give out my personal information?
No. Your information is for the use of, under the terms, conditions, and service objective of the site.
Does pro-Bids™ disclose my information to a successful Service Provider?
No. It is likely that you and the winning bidder have already met or discussed the specific work or service you need, prior to accepting a bid. If not, you will need to provide contact information to the winning service provider. You can provide contact information at any time using pro-Bids messaging, by phone or email.
Why do I have to provide my address and phone number. Isn't anonymous?
Yes. You remain anonymous throughout the bid process, identified only by the username you select, and your city and state.
Your address, city, zip code and area code are used in the search process to calculate distances between you and Service Providers, and to enable Service Providers to easily find your Request for Bid listing by geographic area. pro-Bids also uses this information to identify you from thousands of other member accounts, prevent fraud, and facilitate communication.
Only your City and Zip Code are publicly displayed in your Request for Bid listing. Without correct and accurate information, Service Providers would be unable to locate your listing, or respond to your Bid Request listing.   View our   Privacy Policy.
ver 2.3 updated Jan 1, 2012


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